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Keith Tsang

Posted on May 11 2018

The arrival of good weather makes us think of only one thing: summer. It's time to take bikinis and swim wears out of the closet and start thinking about what new clothes we're going to buy this year. But do you know how to choose the model that best suits you?

swim suits

Summer is just around the corner and, like every year, the offer of bikinis for this season is almost endless : they are available in any color, of all the models, that hold more or that cover less. One-piece swim wears are still fashionable , and this summer can also be found in all styles and in thousands of colors and shapes. So much variety can be overwhelming and sometimes we do not know how to choose: what do you think about doing it according to how your body is? Do you know how to choose the bikini or swim wear that best suits you? If you're not sure, here are a series of tips to know how to highlight your strengths and find the best style for this summer.

The bikini or swim wear that best suits you is the one that makes you feel good . This may seem a redundancy, but it is a reality: it is important to set aside the complexes and realize that if a garment makes you feel pretty, safe or special, you will be. Even if that garment is not the most appropriate for your figure.

However, there are some tricks to highlight your strengths . If you know your body well, you can use these tricks to decide what type of swim wear or bikini is the one that best suits you. Do you have much or little chest ? How is your back? Do you have a marked waist? Are your hips wide? Take advantage of what you see in the mirror and try to enhance it with your swimwear.


Breast issue

The chest is one of the parts of your body that stands out in summer, whether in a bikini or swim wear . If you have little chest and you want to stand out, look for bikinis and swim wears with a sweetheart neckline and halter that enhance it . The thin strap will fit you well, and the foam cups (fixed or removable) can be very helpful.

If you have a lot of chest and prefer to hide it, discard the triangle bikinis or those that do not have braces. Look for upper parts that are bra type : contour and wide strap for a good fit, hoops, wide or adjustable cups. Also try on full swim wears that have underwire or chest reinforcement. Try to avoid light colors in plain.


With or without waist 

If you are one of those who do not have a very marked waist but rather straight, try two pieces with ruffles or embellishments both on the top and on the bottom : this highlights the hip and stylizes the waist. If in addition to waist you have a bit of gut you want to hide, try panties with high waist or one-piece swim wears that stylize the figure, if possible in all smooth and dark. If, on the other hand, you have a marked waist, take advantage of it: the wasp waistband suits any bikini or swim wear in plain and patterned colors.


Touch of hips

The hip is another part of your body that influences when choosing a swim wear. If you have little hip and would like to highlight it, choose a two piece that is knotted to the hip to provide volume , or that has ornaments such as fringes or flowers.

If you have a wide hip or an upturned butt, forget the culotte or high panties : even if you feel more "covered", the fabric does not hide but rather draws attention. You may not believe it, but in these cases small panties are your best option . You can also choose swim wears in one piece, in plain colors that stylize your figure.


It depends on the height

 If you are a petite woman, we recommend that you wear full swim wear with V-neck or pronounced both front and back, and if possible with high leg cut. You can use light colors, but we recommend that you use plain colors.

If you are taller than average, your best option is a two-piece bikini (or a spectacular triquini, if your body allows it). If your body is rather athletic and your back is wide, forget about swim wears and low-slung panties. A good ally will be the culottes. Here are some options for bikinis that are worn this season.

These are just some tips for you to learn to choose the ideal swim wear according to your constitution . But remember that the most important thing with this kind of light garments is that you like them, that you are sure and they make you feel good.

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