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Keith Tsang

Posted on April 23 2018

The trends are the same but our bodies change. Take note of some tips that will help you choose the bikini that best suits you this summer.


We count the days so that the temperatures rise and finally we arrive at one of the most awaited stations of the year: the summer.




The hair clears, the water heats up, the nights are longer, our skin tans and ultimately our life is much much more fun. The face of stress, the flashy circles  and our tired look are forgotten and we are only willing to look our best.


Summer is the time to teach, yes teach that body that we have been working on throughout the year (or the last two months if we are sincere). With the heat that invades us all we have to do is rest at the beach or pool and get the best out of our bikinis . But let's face it, we do not all feel good about it, so we have to take into account some advice when choosing our outfit.


The trends may be the same but the colors and the shape, on this occasion, do matter, because no woman has the same body.


According to our chest


Big chest : Yours are the plain bikinis since the prints, polka dots, stripes or big drawings will only fatten your chest. In the same way the way that will favor you most is in V.


Medium chest : You are lucky that you do not have to discard any option since everything will depend on whether you want to enhance your neckline or simply wear it as it is. For this reason you can choose between a triangle top as it will make you a very pretty neckline  or choose a strapless bikini.


Small chest: Otherwise with those who have a big chest, if you have a small chest you will look better with the printed bikinis, with wrinkles and even better, with ruffles. In this way your neckline will be enhanced and you will play with the volumes.


According to our hips


If we have wide hips,  it is best to highlight our top part, so it is better to have a printed top or a striking color and a low-slung flat brief that does not have ties, prints or ruffles. The simpler the better.


Otherwise if we do not have much hip we will favor small panties, patterned prints and most importantly with side loops, this way they will give more volume to our waist.


According to our legs


Short legs: yours are the high-draw panties that will stylize your figure and cause a longer sensation.


Long legs: if you already have long legs you do not need to stylize them anymore, so a low-rise pant will be the most appropriate. You can also choose those that are knotted on both sides of the hip.


According to our belly


Flat belly: you have to show off your abs and enhance your silhouette with low-rise panties, prints, ruffles or side ties.


If it is not flat: then disguise the tummy with high-draw panties or  swim wears . Another option is to choose wide panties that are not necessarily high so you do not give up tanning your torso.


According to our skin tone


White skin: Do away white bikinis. Yours are warmer colors like turquoise blue, olive green or pale pink.


Golden skin: prints, flowers,  stripes and striking colors everything will suit you.


Brown skin : Now you can dare with white. Also fluorescent colors or that draw attention in this way will  further enhance your tan.


Design your own bikini


In the pool or on the beach the  bikinis, beach wears and  swim wears  become a second skin, so you should be comfortable and feel favored. Each woman has a different body, thinks differently and has particular tastes, trying to please everyone is a complicated task that bath fashion designers   almost never achieve. As a result of this, companies that dedicate themselves to the personalized manufacture of bikinis began to appear  online .


Why is it a good idea?


First, I'm sure you remember that moment when you arrive at the beach / pool with your new look ready to raze and you find a hundred girls like you who had the pleasure of making the same choice. Well we do not want that to happen again, originality and exclusivity are becoming a basic value of our lives.


In fact, it is the tool that many luxury brands use to argue their sales. The possibility of choosing Hermès colors or the initials painted on the Goyard or Louis Vuitton handbags mean that the clients find a way to justify their expense.


How does it work? 


You enter your exact measurements and preferences and each order is individually sewn according to the measures that have been introduced. All in a super comfortable way through a website where you will find a huge offer. Stripes, prints, vitaminized colors, pastel, the splash moment is here and this summer you will be more favored than ever. An investment that offers you a world of possibilities and strategic cuts to teach your figure with style.


Where can you design your bikinis?  We recommend you


  • Surania, in this website specialized in the customization of tankinis, bikinis, beach wears and swim wears, you have the option of choosing these four types as well as the top ones: bandeau, push up, underwire, triangular or with halter neckline.


  • Fuensanta Vigueras, a shop in the Salamanca district of Madrid that through its website allows to select a series of fabrics and models. It can also be done in person in your physical store.


  • Espezies, in this web you will be able to do it in only four steps, something that for those less skillful in digital subjects will appreciate. Their claims are: € 15 and in 15 days. Bikinis, beach wears and swim wears that change their fabrics every year. They also make sports kits and jerseys.


  • com, in addition to the classic models also allows the customization of models for children, synchronized swimming and fitness. So you can be unique in your classes at the gym. And from € 15.


  • Calzedonia, since last season the Italian firm allowed in its online store to customize the famous swim wear of the summer campaign. They also allow to choose and combine bikinis according to formats. It's in the section: customize your swim wear.


Advantages:  Ideal for people who cannot find a size (you can buy different sizes for the top and bottom), cover scars, perfect for women with mastectomies or special shot. In addition all have an excellent pattern, high quality fabrics, handcrafted.

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